Thursday, April 21, 2011

Table dressings~

Are you always looking for ideas of ways to dress your dinning, hall or coffee table? Maybe friends are coming over or you just cleaned the house and want something pretty on your table.  These ideas would work on you outdoor tables as well.

I love the ribbon wrapped around this glass container below, it has some many possibilities. You could use any color of ribbon to coordinate with you flower color and or theme of your room or occasion.
Everyone has some kind of glass containers laying around.  Could be different size jars or glass bottles, put some greens in them from around your yard and you have a great arrangement.
Artichokes are the coolest, even just a few with some other greens would make big statement.  They look great in a large bowl too!
I am always looking for inspiration, leave me a comment with your link.  I enjoy reading all of your blogs and leaving comments.

Until next time~DM

1 comment:

  1. I adore the ribbon around the jar! Do you find yourself with SO much inspiration that you are changing your tablescapes on a daily basis? Yeah... I have that problem...

    LOL ;-D GREAT ideas!