Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring time~

With all of the April showers in our area, we are hoping for lots of May flowers.  

Spring is an exiting time of year for me, planting my garden, the start of rummage sales and knowing summer is right around the corner. Between rummage sales, flea markets and resale shops I hope to find a number of these things to make wind chimes, planters and a tea cup bird feeder for my yard.

Love these old boots! I have seen them with Hens & Chicks- but this is too cute!

I am looking for a vintage bike with a basket- we have a large fenced in yard and I think it would look great up against the fence.

I love the wind chimes below, these are a bit simpler and would look great hanging low in a tree.

Until next time~ DM


  1. Hi there...
    Thank you for visiting and welcome to the great world of blogging. Love the boot and chimes. I have always had an old bike with flowers in the basket...just love it. Happy hunting.
    Cathleen alyce

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