Saturday, April 16, 2011

The ring

For some time now, I have keep in my mind the story I read in Ann Launders regarding a family ring.   While I can not remember the details, the story was very moving to me and had such a beautiful ending.  I tried to google it without much luck, so if any of you happen to be big Ann Launders fans and know what I am talking about please send me a copy.

The story was about a group of sisters that all wanted their mothers wedding ring after she passed away.  Being unable to decide who should get the ring they decided to share it.  They each got a turn to wear the ring for a period of time and then they would send it on to the next.  I believe they picked a special date to send it out each year, like a birthday or something like that.  They each waited for their turn to wear this ring ,but also looked forward to sending it on to the next person.

Recently my father passed away and we had a similar situation like this with a antique gold medallion.  While we all decided we didn't want to sell it and split the money, we couldn't decide who the medallion belonged with.  I recalled this Ann Launders story about the ring and bought up the idea to share it.  My sisters loved the idea, and we worked out a plan. We each will get the medallion to display in our homes for a year and then on my fathers birthday each year we send it on.

My turn starts in May and I can not wait to get my special package.

Until next time~DM


  1. What a sweet story!! Hope you will post a picture while you are the keeper of the gold!



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